Community Input

Hydro understands that changes to the site are likely to impact on a variety of neighbours and other stakeholders. These stakeholders will continue to be informed and consulted regularly so that their concerns can be heard and their input can be considered during the course of the project.

Hydro has been providing a range of information to the community through various methods so that anyone wishing to understand activities at the site has access to the relevant information. In addition to the drop-in sessions and the Community Reference Group (CRG) detailed below, Hydro established these project web pages, a 1800-number community line, and an email address so that the project team can hear and respond to questions, concerns or suggestions from the community as the project progresses.

We have also created a YouTube channel to assist in sharing the story of the Regrowth project.

Community Reference Group

In mid-2014 Hydro called for expressions of interest from community members to sit on a Community Reference Group (CRG). Since then this group has been meeting on a regular basis. The CRG members belong to community groups, represent Council, or simply live nearby. The main criteria for membership was that the members are available to attend meetings, have capacity to disseminate information from the meetings back into the community, and can bring questions or suggestions to the meeting so that the project team understands the values and aspirations of the community for the future of the site.

The group operates under a terms of reference. These terms were developed at the first meeting with the members, and describe what the meetings are for, how they will run and the rights and obligations of members.

CRG members are currently:
  • Mr Richard Brown – Managing Director, Hydro Kurri Kurri
  • Mr Kerry McNaughton – Environmental Officer, Hydro Kurri Kurri
  • Cr Darrin Gray – Cessnock City Council
  • Mr Rod Doherty – Community Representative
  • Ms Debra Ford – Community representative
  • Mr Alan Gray – Community representative
  • Mr Brad Wood – Community representative
  • Mr Andrew Walker – Hydro Kurri Kurri
  • Mr Bill Metcalfe – Community representative
  • Mr Toby Thomas – Community representative
  • Mrs Kerry Hallett – Hunter Business Enterprise Centre
  • Mr Andrew Neil – Manager Strategic Planning, Maitland City Council
  • Cr Robert Aitchison – Maitland City Council
  • Mr Iain Rush – Cessnock City Council

CRG members are encouraged to provide information about the project to interested community members.

Past members include:
  • Cr Arch Humphery – Maitland City Council
  • Mr Ian Shillington – Manager Urban Growth, Maitland City Council
  • Mr Ian Turnbull – Manager Natural Environment Planning, Cessnock City Council
  • Mr Colin Maybury – Kurri Kurri Landcare