About Regrowth

The Kurri Kurri smelter started production in 1969 but traces its history back to 1936.

Production at the site ceased in September 2012 and the smelter was formally closed in May 2014.

Since the closure, plans for the future of the site have been significantly progressed, and demolition, of the site is now almost complete.

A number of small parcels of land have been remediated and signed off by the NSW EPA accredited Site Auditor. The significant and final large remediation project including the construction of an onsite containment cell, which was planned over several years, was approved in December 2020.

The following video was prepared to support the EIS in 2015 and provides a project summary and outlines the future plans for the site at this time.

Project Status

For timely updates to the project, please read the minutes of the Community Reference Group meetings, which also contain some images.